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Vera Project Blog

By Danyka Tagg

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A rising act in the world of Alternative Rock, The Kongos have formed a distinct style with influences ranging from all different grounds. The band is composed of four brothers including Johnny, Jesse, Dylan and Daniel Kongos. Having endured life shaping steps moving from London to South Africa, and now to Arizona, the band is cultured from various different roots. With a collective South African inspired sound and a funky accordion beat, their songs have been rising to top the charts in the past weeks. They recently sat down with The Vera Project at Sasquatch! Music Festival 2014 to talk about their experiences on tour and at the fest.

Read the full post HERE.

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The Vera Project is excited to announce the 12th annual drinking fundraiser A Drink for the Kids! Happening just in time to gear up for the best week of the summer, when the sun shines the longest and the cocktails are the most refreshing, we invite Seattle’s 21+ music and arts loving community to support programs for all ages at the Vera Project just by drinking at their favorite neighborhood bars!

Vera is excited to welcome Tito’s Vodka and local distillery 3 Howls as A Drink for the Kids’ liquor sponsors, and welcomes back Eugene, Oregon’s Ninkasi Brewery as beer sponsor. During A Drink for the Kids, 100% of the proceeds raised from the purchase of any Tito’s, 3 Howls cocktails, or Ninkasi beer directly benefit The Vera Project. Each night will feature raffles with fun prizes from partners like Seattle Theatre Group, Sub Pop, the Show Box, Bon Voyage Vintage, and more, with the Linda’s Tavern night also featuring a small silent auction of sought after items.

Read the full post HERE.

By Shaun Mejia

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Photo by Willie Franklin

Eugene Mirman has had an unconventional rise in the past few years. After moving from Russia to Massachusetts, he graduated from Hampshire College with a Bachelor of Arts in Comedy (the college offered a “choose your own major” program). From performing festivals and opening for bands like The Shins and Modest Mouse to starting his own comedy festival as a joke, Mirman has paved his own path in a career that spans over 20 years. While polishing his stand up, he landed small roles like Bret and Jemaine’s landlord Eugene on Flight of the Conchords and Russian mobster Yvgeny Mirminsky in Delocated. Currently, he voices the character Gene on Fox’s series Bob’s Burgers, a kid who loves music as much as he loves farts. He is also involved with Cosmos host Neil Degrasse Tyson on a podcast called Star Talk. The Vera Project got a chance to talk to him at the Sasquatch Festival about why people at the Gorge have it together, possible alien life, and yelling jokes at an audience. Read the full post HERE.

We’re happy to announce that we raised over $10,000 in just 24 hours during last week’s Give Big - exceeding our budgeted goal! This doesn’t yet include the stretch funds from Seattle Foundation, or any matching dollars that correlate with these gifts.

We want to thank our amazing volunteers who worked the phones, sent emails, and thanked donors all day: Danae Harrison-Corey, Katie Schorr, Jerry Amano, Danyka Tagg, Karine Sandsmark, Emily Clementinee, Carmen Meegan, Andrienne Pilapil, and board member Kitty Wu!  Staff members Elizabeth Maze, Katie McColgan, and Beth Warshaw-Duncan also spent significant time on the phone, and Katie baked cupcakes for everyone.  Social media was updated all day by Rachel and Tristan.  Thanks so much to this incredible team! We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you guys!

A huge thanks to our donors:

Brian Albright
Claudia Bach
Rani Ban
Kate Becker
Brooke Beckwith
Sara Bennett
Kim Berardi
Christina Bernard
Rhonda Bolton
Christopher Cable
Theresa Campbell
Sheila Capestany
Eric Carnell
Tristan Carosino
Fiona Cheung
Michael Compton
Andrew Corey
Kathy Cowles
Fiona Cox
Toby Crittenden
Angela Culbert
David Dawes
Jodie DeJonge
Brecken Diller
Corey duBrowa
Matt Dutton
Melissa East
John Farrey
Adrienne Fox
Tory Franklin
Andrea Friedman
Daisy and Tony Fulgham
John Fulton
David Gallo
Amanda Gemmill
Vanessa Gibbons
Dianne Glinn
Kristina Goetz
Michael Goetz
Eric Gonzalez
Meaghan Haas
Christina Halverson
Rae Hanashiro
Starr Harris
Danae Harrison-Corey
Jenny Hayes
Terri Hintz
Annie Holden
Mary Holden
Chris Hong
Jerin Howard
Allen Huang
Kate Jackson
Jeff Jacobs
Natalie Jaeger
Amber Jimenez
Joann Kirkpatrick
Rhonda Knudsen
Sridhar Kolar
Alix Kolar
Julia Konkell
Rachel Kramer
Joel & Jennifer Kramer
Tim Lewis
Stephanie Lewis
Julia Libscomb
Laura Little
Jacqueline Loggia
Devon Lord
Peter Lynch
Blake Madden
Kyle Mahoney
Steve Manning
Shannon McClatchey
Katherine McColgan
Sandra McGreevey
Gita Mehrotra
Shaun Mejia
Kristina Moravec
Alexander Mouton
Eva Nachmanson
Pete Nordstrom
Helen Owens
Robert Pastorok
Sid Peterson
Alexa Philbeck
Demi Raven
Chris Reath
Lynn Resnick
Laura Riedel
Josh Rosenfeld
Lisa Schroyer
Sven Shibahara
Ann & Stephen Shure
Jesse Stewart
Shannon Stewart
Julie Tobin
Nick Turner
Robert Turnstall
Kat Uzzelle
Dave Vander Mass
Jessica Wagoner
David Wall
Lynne Warshaw
Garrett Warshaw
Beth Warshaw-Duncan
Cheryl Water
Paul Waude
Michael Welke
Rachel White
Samantha Wilder
Mikhael Mei Williams
Deborah Woodward
Jane Zuercher

Read the full post HERE.
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